Mark Cuban made serious money on the mysterious (to me) He also made the Dallas Mavericks into something serious when they once were a joke.
Now Cuban has a lot to say about digital content and innocation on his Even more to the point, Cuban who sees himself as a content man (I see him as a distribution guy more tho) is standing up for Grokster in the MGM v Grokster challenge and is even offering to finance the EFF’s supoport of Grokster.

The whole article is well worth a read, bur I won’t be giving much away by giving you the final paragraph:

Thats what is ahead of us if Grokster loses. Thats what happens if the RIAA is able to convince the Supreme Court of the USA that rather than the truth, which is , Software doesnt steal content, people steal content, they convince them that if it can impact the music business, it should be outlawed because somehow it will. It doesnt matter that the RIAA has been wrong about innovations and the perceived threat to their industry, EVERY SINGLE TIME. It just matters that they can spend more then everyone else on lawyers. Thats not the way it should be. So , the real reason of this blog. To let everyone know that the EFF and others came to me and asked if I would finance the legal effort against MGM. I said yes. I would provide them the money they need. So now the truth has been told. This isnt the big content companies against the technology companies. This is the big content companies, against me. Mark Cuban and my little content company. Its about our ability to use future innovations to compete vs their ability to use the courts to shut down our ability to compete. its that simple.