Taking the day off for MLK Day celebrations, Sally was one of the folks asked to speak this morning at the pre-march rally at 9:30. It was cold, after a week over over 70 degree weather. Freezing in fact. But the spirits were high and the speeches were full of fire. Although my toes were pretty cold (note to self: wear weather appropriate shoes next year), I was mostly warm. Children hid out in the Post Office lobby til they were needed or needed to march.
The growing crowd then marched to the Baptist Church almost in Carrboro where several hours of singing and speaking awaited them.
Tucker and I had other appointments and so took a warm up cup of coffee with Carrboro Alderman Mark Chilton and AudioActivism’s Brian Russell at the new 3 Cups. Mark reminded me of John Ehle‘s book, The Free Men, (Harper & Row, 1965) about the local Civil Rights struggle and the people involved. Then we speed walked back to our car.
The march went within sight of the soon-to-be Martin Luther King Blvd. Sally worked hard on that project and has written a lot about it on her blog and on her site.

UPDATE: Sally has posted her talk and her impressions on her blog.