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Morning of FOO

Up at 6ish PST. Walk down to the showers with Andy Oram,O’Reilly editor from Boston. There is an in-building shower, but Andy and I found the outside camping feeling showers. Three shower stalls smaller than many coffins. The sorta porta-johns of showers. The water works for about 1 minute then quits til you shove it again. All fiberglass and not all that warm. Perfect for the camping experience. Andy complained a little about the size of his shower. Tall people and wide people will appreciate them less than I did.

Coffee. Works better when all the parts are in the airpot.

Sleeping on the floor when you are very very tired is not so bad even once you have reached a certain age.

Geeks are up early and doing email and blogs. Reading their spam to each other as if it were unique. I too am guilty. (pictures later I promise maybe).

Tim kicks off the morning with a session on “What the Book market tells us” at 10 PDT so we have a couple of hours to show off our limited social skills and casual approaches to hygene.

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  1. camping vicariously via blog is the best way

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