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Music interviews: VVLL and David Rose

David Rose of is interviewed in Hypebot’s 4 Questions.

Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies are interviewed in the Daily Tar Heel where Amanda, Karen and Alex tell us VVLL is “Not really into bad times”. Great picture in the print version of the DTH. Now if they would only make “Candyland” available for download. They play tonight at Local 506.


  1. thanks for the mention! the ep will be on iTunes and eMusic next week but if you cant wait that long… well, you can just buy a copy at the show tonight. seven bucks get you a beautiful purple package of groovy sunshine in the form of mp3s

  2. Paul

    1/11/2008 at 9:17 pm

    Thanks Cathleen, I got the EP last night at your show. The package is def “Sunshine Sugarplum” and the sounds are great! The live show was really a blast. VVLL filled Local 506 with all kinds of people. And I think the band sounds better live than on the EP even. Was very funny to be standing by Classics Dept Chair Cecil Wooten while Amanda sang “Serva ad Manum.”

    Looking forward to the next VVLL show and listening to “Candyland” in the meanwhile.

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