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MySpace – Fear and Acceptance

MySpace is the second quickest growing site on the Internet over the past year ( reports), having grown 318% since last February to take the place as the 10th most visited site on the Net. Number one in growth, but lower in rank, is Blogger.netcom (thanks for the correction, Justin) at 528% and 27th in rank.
At the same time, MySpace is the target of a series of voodoo warnings including an overly cautious warning from Governor wannabe and current NC Attorney General Roy Cooper advising parents to shutdown their kids social networking.
Collegue Debashis Aikat in much more sane, in the quotes, except that he claims that “American young people have so much pressure to make friendships.” Err what does that mean? Kids don’t need or want friends? Kinda misses the point of being human, which does translate into online social behavior. Like the song says, more or less, “People Need People.” Most in productive and rewarding ways in fact.
Oh, Moral Panic, you may be rooted in statistically improbable fact, but you dog our waking and sleeping moments as if you were so much more real.


  1. You mean is the fastest growing site (which is interesting in and of itself), not

  2. You can’t be serious? MySpace is cool and everything, that is if you are an ADULT. Can you imagine 10-15 year olds looking at these pages? Not to mention that MySpace, Xanga and these other social networking sites have no filters to prevent kids under 16 from registering. This makes these places absolute feeding grounds for child predators. Listen – I am all for social networking as long as it is not making our children more vulnerable. These sites need to institute some safety precautions.

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