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Net Neutrality proposal from IP Geeks

Is there a place for fresh thinking and new recommendations in the infamous “network neutrality” debate?

Seth Johnson, David P Reed, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Pamela Samuelson, David Weinberger, Andy Oram and others [including me] have issued a new proposal on designed to “Preserve the Internet Standards for Net Neutrality.”

The authors point out that “IP-layer neutrality is not a property of the Internet. It _is_the Internet.” Then go on to say that “Providers certainly should be allowed to develop services within their own networks, treating data any way they want. But that’s not the Internet.”

Explanations are provided for CongressCriters, lawyers and lawmakers and human folks.

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  1. I agree with their statement on IP-layer neutrality, let’s hope others do too.

    I made an animated Net Neutrality music video. You can find the download link on this page:

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Senate will do the right thing and thank you for helping to get the word out.


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