In the past little bit, I’ve become severely socially networked. Not only has most of the planet discovered FaceBook, but I’m also in Orkut, Classmates, Friendster, Multiply, LinkedIn (tons of action there), Flickr, MySpace, Twitter,, RapLeaf, and several others including Second Life where I am a pioneer but an infrequent visitor.

In the meantime, I’ve become a Dopplr (share your travel plans with friends), Skitch (share your sketched images and annotated photographs with friends and others — like Flickr but with a local mini-Photoshop app and interface), and Pownce (Kevin Rose’s twitter/IM meets file sharing/link sharing/ etc) user. All as smalljones if you are looking for me.

I hope to post evaluations after I finish some year end reports and get tuned completely to the iPhone. Feel free to post advice and reactions here in the meantime.