This afternoon, Fug singer, author and poet Ed Sanders was singing an ode to Obama — “like the oak tree of Lincoln in the forever of America, someone has come like a giant of promise” [lyrics here in PDF] But Sanders also read a long piece about the last days of Bobby Kennedy saying that was the last time he had had so much hope in a candidate for president. “Robert Kennedy Recites from Agamemnon” [PDF]

About the second that I walked out of the Sanders and Anne Waldman reading/performance, Dave Menconi posted the ways to get tickets to the Obama rally featuring Superchunk and Arcade Fire in Carrboro (at 2 pm on Town Commons). Barak Obama may or may not appear there.

No sooner did I get home then I found from a call that President Bill Clinton would be in Hillsborough at 1:45 p.m. Orange County Baseball Field.

A Republican friend told me over lunch yesterday, “I think I have tickets to the Democratic candidates debate if it happens. I’d like to see them duke it out. Then I’ll feel even better voting for McCain.” No evidence of McCain coming to NC anytime soon though — and the debate? It won’t happen as it turns out.

UPDATE: Just got a Hillary RoboCall to tell me about the Bill Clinton appearance in Hillsborough tomorrow.