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Radio Advice from Strong Bad

Strong Bad
So, some of you reading this have a little radio show or are working at a college station or a community station or even dare I say it at a National Public Radio station. You may now get advice and see how you are seen and heard in Strongbadia as interpreted by the man amongst men himself, Strong Bad, as he answers email from a Scottish radio wannabe.

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  1. Here is the email I send Strong Bad:

    Subject: What do podcasters sound like?

    Dear Strong Bad,
    I enjoyed your movie at

    What do you think a podcaster sound like?

    We all sound different. I think I sound like a college radio guy that was raised by Pirate radio anarchists.

    IMHO, Adam Curry aka “The Podfather” sounds rather like a stoned drive time morning show dude..

    Ya’ll are funny!
    p.s. I wonder if I sound like i look?

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