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Remote presence at meetings

I’d say that remote presence is best exemplified by Jeremy Bentham’s auto-icon which allowed him to attend meetings from beyond the grave. That’s led to this new development by Ivan Bowman, his IvanAnywhere. Since Ivan is a Canadian and well-behaved, no one could tell the difference.

Jeremy Bentham as auto-icon

Ivan Bowman as IvanAnywhere


  1. IvanAnywhere, man
    IvanAnywhere, man
    Crossed the deserts bare, man
    I’ve breatherd the mountain air, man
    Travel – I’ve had my share, man

    (with apologies to Johnny Cash)

  2. I like the way this Ivan thinks. I tried to make something similar, albeit for social functions and with markedly less useful features. Turns out no one wanted to lug around EffigyBrett™ at parties.

  3. OMG, I need one of these!

  4. Paul

    9/6/2007 at 4:46 pm

    Ruby, You need an auto-icon or an ivananywhere?

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