I was lucky enough to catch the dBs reunion on Saturday at a get out the vote rally at the Johnson Center for Undergrad Excellence. Chris Stamey and Peter Hosapple backed by Mitch Easter on bass and Will Rigby on drums. I first saw the frontmen and perhaps Mitch as the Sneakers then the H-Bombs then the dBs.

Listening to the reformed dBs reminded me that I need to digitize my vinyl of “Re-precussions” and “Stands for Decibels”.

In the meantime, Boston Globe writer Geoff Edgers writes to tell us of his mid-life quest to reunite the Kinks. To that end, Geoff sends a link to this trailer for a documentary of his efforts. He gets help, so far, from Sting, Robin Hitchcock, Paul Weller, Zooey Deschanel and others.

I love Geoff’s banjo/guitar duet with Weller and his vocal Duet with Sting. Hope to hear the Kinks together soon.