At a Journalism faculty meeting in which a film, featuring in part the Speaker Ban Law, is being shown, “Crossroads on the Hill” which is a fine history of the uneasy relationships between the state of North Carolina and its principles and the state of North Carolina.

Not “Beyond the Wall” which would have been great.

Ferrell Guillory is introducing. Notes below are from Ferrell’s talk.
Jock Lauderer was the photographer for much of this. Bill Friday confessed to having advised the students on how to sue the University (“If the Trustees knew what I was doing, they should have fired me”).

Two currents of NC politics. New South and Old South, say. Traditionalists (rural and small town; Lake, Helms etc) vs Progressives (Sanford, Friday). Progressives (public-private partnership. business, banks, insurance are one leg. state government is one including public schools. university of nc as the third leg. this is progressive as forward looking not to be confused by progressive as a substitute for liberal).

Not in the film: Robert Morgan (later US Senator; at the time a pro-Ban legislator, but he changed as he became NC Atty General and a consumer activist) and Jesse Helms (later US Senator; at the time and editorialist at WRAL Channel 5 and very pro-Ban)

Although on TV, none of the Helms video editorials are to be found. Text versions exist.