I will be speaking to Computer Science 380 classes on “Digital Rights and Innovation” soon. Andrew Chin spoke on November 14 about his part in the Microsoft anti-trust suit (the browser one) and I’m up on November 28 scheduled for 5:00 pm in Sitterson 014. now in Carroll’s large auditorium (after the flood in Sitterson).

I’ve asked the students to read Chapters 1 and 8 of Eric von Hippel’s Democratizing Innovation. Chapter 1 is an Introduction and a Summary of the book by chapters that will give a great overview. Chapter 8 “Adapting Policy to User Innovation” is the meat of our discussion from a policy and law point of view.

Both chapters and in fact the whole book can be bought or downloaded for free from Eric von Hippel’s site.

I’m also asking folks in the class that have questions and/or issues that they’d like discussed to post them here as comments.

I welcome your suggestions and comments as well.