BBC gives us the shocking news: “Geekspeak still baffles web users”.

The article tells us “So while 40% of online Britons receive news feeds, 67% did not know that the official term for this service was Really Simple Syndication.” Not that Brits need to know that but would it help if they knew that the meaning of RSS has changed with each release beginning as RDF Site Summary (for RSS 0.9 and 1.0), then becoming the more luser friendly Rich Site Summary (for RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0) before being renamed Really Simple Syndication (for RSS 2.0).

Whilst your garden variety Brits are not so 1337, those who use the net are Open savvy to the point of rejecting the iPods for more Open MP3 players:

Regular surfers are, according to the survey, gadget-hungry. Interestingly, although 68% of those interviewed possessed an MP3 player, only 20% owned iPods – the biggest selling digital music player.

The iPod may be less popular with surfers because there are fewer online music stores from which music can be purchased, said Mr Burmaster.

“The whole ethos behind the internet is about open access and for people already online, being able to access music from a variety of sources is important,” he said.