Gannett announcements, found in Wired and Romenesko, are setting the stages for some very serious ways of looking at citizen media. This is a major reorganization of a broad and big news company to take advantage of crowdsourcing.

Of course, they’ll need to be aware of Wired’s Five Rules of the New Labor Pool.

Dave Sifty’s State of the Blogosphere for October 2006 is out. Most of the Top 50 Blogs are from the Mainstream Media. English is still the major blogging language (tracked by Technorati) but it’s down to only 39% of the total.

Joi Ito, the multi-talented international entrepreneur, is interviewed by Japan Times.

YouTube has three different versions of the Bonzo Doo Dah Dog Band‘s Equestrian Statue! Low budget near live. High budget music video (high for the 60s). Live mimed German TV version.
Also their 40th Anniversay Video!