Ed Cone reports that Matthew Gross has joined the John Edwards One America Committee as an advisor for online communications. We had a good dinner discussion with the Edwards, Ed, Matthew, danah boyd, Fred Stutzman and about a dozen other bloggers a couple of weeks back. Elizabeth Edwards is particularly aware of internet communications on a very personal level as she describes in her new book.

Jonathan Dube at CyberJournalist is blogging the Online News Association conference, “An American Forum: The Future of News is Here, Now What?”

Technorati shows the trends of blogging about Apex, NC’s toxic fire and lists the blogs of citizens (and of newspapers).

ConvergeSouth in Greensboro is next weekend. It really looks great, but I’ll be just back from DC (see next para).

I’m off to DC at the end of next week for the Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust meeting. The last one in Granada was quite a good event. Less site-seeing for me this time because of time constraints, but if there is one thing I should do in DC say late Thursday evening or Friday afternoon lemme know.

One side amusement, I picked up a nice tuxedo that fits great and looks pretty good at a giant formalwear outlet — called the Formalwear Outlet— just outside of Hillsborough for a very very good price. They have lots.