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Secret Shrine of Chapel Hill

Not many have found the secret shrine of Esther Carp. Those that have have found a place to “Look in the Bright Side of Life,” to give up their excess bagage, to worship the god or goddess of their choice, to bask in soothing sounds of waterfalls and in soft light.
Those that know need not be told. Those who do not know must ask to find this hidden treasure.


  1. We found that by “accident” when we first moved here last year. Half scary. Half awesome. How often do they rearrange it?

  2. It has changed incrementally and drastically over the years that I’ve been visiting. I don’t think there is a schedule to the changes tho.
    The variety of ways to leave your excess bagage behind has I think been more refined as time has passed, for example.

  3. Esther Carp

    6/23/2007 at 11:47 am

    Hon, I just found you blog these many years later and had to say bless you for spreading the word of The Esther Carp School of Living shrine room. Lord knows I’ve dumped plenty of excess garbage down that chute so I hope it is helping others do the same. Love, Esther

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