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Doc pointed to this in a note about the contest there. I am far far far from a fashionista and for shoes I’ve worn only black Bass Weegens for decades, but the writing on Shoe Blogs by Manolo is witty and occassionally delightfully nasty (as in the Gallery of Horrors and his (?) comments on the famous and poorly shod.


  1. Gina Schaben

    10/17/2005 at 9:00 pm

    Confessions of a bonafide shoe adict… I’m hooked on web shopping/price comparisons for the hottest brands… so of course
    I love Manolo’s blog(s) but, I ask you: Who can AFFORD Manolo’s shoes? OMG!! I want a closet full of hot styles and
    colors… I go to online shops like, and Anyone else in for a bargain or two?

  2. Manolo does seem to have a SPECIAL kind of humor about shoes. I keep telling myself that ebtiually I’ll do a shoe blog too, as I am a site manager at Shoe Nook, and have lots material to work with. However for now I am concentrating on my somewhat lame Shopping Blog if anyone cares. Anyhoo, I digress. What is the ugliest pair oif shoes you’ve ever seen? These Lime Green Boots are pretty awful IMO.


  3. Well, I like the third person manolo talk. It sounds like the Silence of the Lambs guy (not Lector, that OTHER ?guy?). It puts the shoe on its feet or something maybe… 🙂 But yeah, those shoes are high, and I hard to find sometimes.

  4. I love that blog as well. Very funny stuff most of the time!

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