Without giving anything away about the computer-generated film, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, let me say that this film is the best advert for Adobe AfterEffects ever made. If some one had told me that a multi-million $$$ film that I would actually like a lot could be made with only 26 days of actors in front of blue screens (no not the Microsoft blue screen of death) and a lot of work with Adobe products, I would still be laughing had I not seen Sky Captain.
Not only that but I would have never guessed that the fantastic new technologies for the film were off the shelf Adobe filters for the most part. Thanks to the trivia posters at IMDB for letting all this out and more.
I thought that Laurence Olivier was dead for example but there he was in the movie and in the credits. I saw him! I swear!
There is much more, but I’ll have to say that this is a beautiful movie. Comparing it to Indiana Jones is a big mistake. This movie is more about textures, focus, color and the like than anything from Spielberg.