DJ Spooky
Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, was on The Connection yesterday talking about his movie/show/music remix of the DW Griffith movie “Birth of a Nation.” Spooky aka Paul’s version is called “Rebirth of a Nation.”
I caught a very early version of the show at the first Creative Commons Launch party/gettogether in SFO a while back. Sally and her mother saw Spooky put it on down at Spoleto in Charleston, SC last spring.
Spooky uses video software to highlight the different aspects of the film, the racism, the stereotypes, the false heroism, etc while making a pretty damn good party mix.
On the Connection, he talked a lot about remix culture, remaking, and about reserving some rights. As usual, Miller is articulate and fun the listen to and not bad to dance to either.