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Streaming from MCNC

We’ve moved about half the ibiblio bandwidth over to our new servers at our new location at MCNC. Ken and Don really did a fine job on the move and in the process did a lot of cleaning up of streaming set ups and the like. All in all, the move went fairly smoothly. All the stations and all the ibiblio sites that rely on streaming are working reliably and we should be able to even handle additional listeners and perhaps another radio station now.
We’ve moved up the connection stream which should have some positive effects for our various listeners. Local access points are peered in the same room as our servers! Not to mention the cost savings that we are already realizing.
We have some changes in the network set up to be done at MCNC that could prove to be interesting. And some collaboration on mesh and peer-to-peer streaming experiments in the wings.
We’ll also be among the first using National Lambda Rail in a service as well as research capacity.
Woo Woo! And much thanks to Ken and Don who were up late last night.

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  1. Nice transition. Very smooth and fast IP flow. It’s been a long haul from Sunsite, the NeXT cube and UUCP.

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