You see the title “Why select?” but people actually do select and like selecting. The real question will be who selects and when.

My answer: Not archivists, but a variety of communities of data-miners and recommenders both human and programs will be selecting. When? Not at the time of adding to the archives so much as later at a just-in-time basis.

“Storage is Cheap: Why Select?”
Thursday, September 27, 12:30-1:45pm

Storage media for digital information are extremely cheap and getting exponentially cheaper over time. The price of a terabyte of hard drive space is a few hundred dollars, and in a decade it will be less than a dollar. The cost of the expertise of well-trained information professionals, on the other hand, is quite high and likely to increase over time. So shouldn’t we stop worrying about selection and just capture and keep as much material as possible?

Moderated by Dr. Cal Lee Panelists will include UNC Libraries’ Rich Szary, SILS faculty member Paul Jones, SILS students Lori Eakin and Abbey Thompson, Kelly Eubank – Electronic Records Archivist for State of North Carolina and Duke University’s Electronic Records Archvist Seth Shaw.