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I was clearly outside my demographic today at the Superchunk and Arcade Fire concert/rally for Obama in Carrboro. It was a great concert and community gathering of my tweeple, those I twitter with locally. I twittered til my battery ran out (at #superobamafire). @dcm, @tarheelcoxn and @arsepoetica all posted pictures. I think I missed seeing @HoboZero there but he too has great pictures.

Squishy also has great pictures, but he doesn’t twitter or if he does he hasn’t told me.

Before and afters, Fred and Chelsy were wonderful hosts at their house giving an impromptu grilling party to a bunch of hot tired and delighted tweeple.


  1. Although I sometimes felt as if I’d arrived at a dinner party only to discover an Amway pitch (please fill out your ticket with the same info you gave us to get the ticket in the first place), 5000 people singing “Wake Up” in the sun gave me goosebumps.

  2. Paul

    5/3/2008 at 8:49 pm

    Hee, well it was advertised as a political rally. Didn’t you notice? So there was no Amway style deception there.

    That said, trying to get the little forms filled out over and over. To pick up the tickets for the Show/rally, to pick up tickets to the Obama rally on Monday, to get into Monday’s rally, to get into the Show/rally is a bit of overkill.

    Both times, it was well worth that small annoyance.

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