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T-Bone Burnett and Callie Khouri – twitterstream

t-bone burnett today at 11 in Wilson Library!
@profdebock Mr t-bone hisself with Callie Khouri who wrote “Thelma and Louise” and directed “Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”
bill ferris intros t-bone burnett Who started by building recording studio in his home at 17 leading to the Dylan rolling thunder to brother
t-bone sez music is too much about attack on the ears and less about resonance – bands act like shoemakers who cut off peoples feet
he wants to max tone and min attack
T-bone loves those overtones They are incontrollable
digital recording is a disaster but earlier hifi as defined by riaa curve gave us an std to follow he doesnt like copies! CDs in particular
need to tell him about SHN and FLAC
t-bone allows no plastic in the room when he records say civil war music. No parallel walls either
he loves plastic disks tho. Hear Beatles on LP sez t-bone. He has company called code spelled XODE where D = delta
talking about Walk the Line and Oh Bro. how to be authentic and accessible. Sound is more like Traffic (with Stevie Winwood) by adding bottom
all CDs are over bright and in the top 25% of the range. So they suck and don’t fulfill the promise of CDs – t- bone
same as 1965 no digital post process (really?) using 2 inch tape but admits using protools. no fan of remix culture -unless its him
but an mp3 could sound better than a cd -sez t-bone. Give listener choice of good copies.
audience wants him to talk about DRM. He says no DRM
best listening environment – two hifi speakers on a room. need special mix for earbuds. Xode will provide that
on current country music trad is taking over and country is a branch of trad that took an odd turn. Only 5 country side men in Nashville
allison krause and Robert plant collabos best two singers since the Beatles. On tour soon including Raleigh and Asheville
t-bone hands podium to thelma and louise author callie khouri
movie biz doesnt know what’s up. She on the writers strike and how creators have become workers for hire. She hates this. She is a writer
studio films sux. Cuz studios make product instead of films. So films with strong females don’t bring in the dudes
Talking movie marketing. I ask not put loud: why mass market target audience films? Its expensive and doesnt pay
khouri sez American comedies don’t play international and vice versa. But blowup films like Rambo bring in the euros
callie had not read The Awakening before she wrote Thelma and Louise. Thank gawd sez she.
“something to talk about” callie sez I write pictures not words! Don’t explicate; visualize.
callie on directing ya ya sisterhood and adapting a novel to film.
callie on first trip to NYC: you mean all this was out here and I spent all that time in Paducah KY!! (she was 21 and now misses KY) some

Great talk sponsored by the Center for the Study of the American South. Tweets don’t cover all the good things said — especially about T-Bone’s company, XODE, and the processes involved some of which is secret to me too nor do they capture the energy and passion that Callie brought to her discussion. But there it is real time for those of you who don’t tweet. Sorry not to #tag; the iPhone makes that a pain.


  1. Hi Calli,
    I am so interested in your writing, what you’ve written and “how you do that thing you do!?” I have a story up for “grabs”,–needs a writer like “YOU!” Maybe you could contact me regarding this,–it is about a girl’s ‘struggle’ with her five siblings after the man of her dreams,(her father) dies, and what she goes through thereafter…
    Let me know if this reaches you and if you’re even interested.

    Thank you for your time and consideration with this
    Kim C.

  2. Paul

    4/19/2008 at 5:37 pm

    Hey Kim,
    I can’t imagine that Callie reads this blog or even this article, but I’m leaving your comment just in case.
    Good luck,

  3. Bill Secrest

    8/15/2010 at 8:22 am

    Paul, can you get this to her?
    Callie Khouri, I know where Bill Monroe’s original touring Ford transporter is located. It has the luggage rack that he built and it still has the eyehook by the passenger front door shinge post, that he used to secure the bass to the roof for transport from one site to the next. This old Ford should be in your movie. There are old picures of it in existance. It is tan in color. Dolly Parton has expressed interest in the vehicle, but only after it is restored. For a movie scene it does not have to be perfect. Please contact me, Iím on facebook. William Secrest.

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