The Bling tag additional to HTML has already had an effect on me (see ibiblio home page for today). Yes, I too was surprized. I wondered how long I had lived a life without BLING.

BLING Team members, Joey, Jonathan and Dan say:

Much has been said in recent years regarding the imperative to separate the concerns of presentation and content. Mechanisms of presentation are subject to radical change, whether merely stylistic or mandated by technological progression. The Hyper-Text Markup Language that fulled the early days of the web revolution has been reincarnated as XHTML. It is joined by its newborn cousin, RSS, in heralding a new revolution that some have called Web 2.0.

Here at ibiblio, we take a more philosophical view regarding the separation of presentation and content. We cannot dismiss the importance of presentation as “mere style.” The aesthetic perception of an utterance is inextricably tied up with its semantics as well as its rhetorical impact. As Marshal McLuhan famously said: the medium is the message.