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It’s 10 pm here in EST America, but in Delhi it’s 8:30 am tomorrow. I stayed in the luxurious Taj Mahal Grand Hotel in Delhi this summer whilst there for the “Owning the Future” symposium. And tonight, their today and my tomorrow, I received a very nice email with pictures of roses wishing me happy birthday.


  1. Is it your bday? If so then happy birthday!

  2. Happy Budday Paul !

    Or in Indian English : “Many Happy Returns of the Day !”

    I can also vouch for the Taj hospitality, from spending many vacations in their hotels.

    As a side note the Taj Hotels are part of the Tata Group, one of India’s largest and oldest conglomerates. They recently acquired Corus/British Steel, Tetley Tea, etc. The genesis of their hotel business is quite interesting too…

    The Tatas are members of the small (less than 100,000) but enormously successful Parsi community in India. An interesting Indian-Parsi-American link is that the US National Anthem was written by Francis Keyes on the HMS Minden- a British warship built in Bombay by the Wadia (an Indian-Parsi family) ship-builders.

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