Much of traditional media gone to blog is asking: Where is the accountability and the responsibility in ABC News’ reporting on the anthrax scare/attack?

Dan Gillmor at Center for Citizen Media says “ABC has major questions to answer in anthrax story.”

Jay Rosen at PressThink has “Three Vital Questions for ABC News About its Anthrax Reporting in 2001.”

The two of them team up to ask you to ask ABC as well. Read their posts, inspired by two columns by Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, and if you agree that these questions should be addressed post a link to their articles and let them know.

Here are the questions:

1. Sources who are granted confidentiality give up their rights when they lie or mislead the reporter. Were you lied to or misled by your sources when you reported several times in 2001 that anthrax found in domestic attacks came from Iraq or showed signs of Iraqi involvement?

2. It now appears that the attacks were of domestic origin and the anthrax came from within U.S. government facilities. This leads us to ask you: who were the “four well-placed and separate sources” who falsely told ABC News that tests conducted at Fort Detrick had found the presence of bentonite in the anthrax sent to Sen. Tom Daschle, causing ABC News to connect the attacks to Iraq in multiple reports over a five day period in October, 2001?

3. A substantially false story that helps make the case for war by raising fears about enemies abroad attacking the United States is released into public debate because of faulty reporting done by ABC News. How that happened and who was responsible is itself a major story of public interest. What is ABC News doing to re-report these events, to figure out what went wrong and to correct the record for the American people who were misled?