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The Face of an Expert?

UNC photographer, Dan Sears, is a miracle worker. He can make the most obvious shill look like an intelligent expert. It doesn’t help make Dan’s task any lighter when he has to deal with a subject who can’t seem to trim his stashe evenly though.

Should I try to get Dan to fix the neck here? My loose mockturtle and my chicken neck make for an oddly matched team.


  1. I didn’t notice anything about your neck or stash until you mentioned it. Good photo….no touch up!

  2. whoa, up close and personal with the real paul jones. might i suggest just resizing the image (smaller!) to minimize your chicken neck and irregular stashe syndrome? 🙂

  3. Now the picture is severly reduced using the blunt tool of iPhoto. Click on it only if you dare to see the 1 meg giant ready for print use version.

  4. Just clicked on the giant: Oh, the pain! the pain!!

  5. hee hee! weren’t you warned? this is a news head shot and so in the large format that print people ask for. it was very scary to see the picture set as background to most of the monitors in the lab yesterday. Sean had it bigger than the head in real life!

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