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The Friendly Face of Slavery in Cary

It is particularly sad to me to see the word “Christian” used to defend aborrant ideas that at particularly un-Christ-like. The Cary Christian School is, sadly, one such case. The School selected a pamphlet called, “Southern Slavery, As It Was” by Douglas Wilson and Steve Wilkins. The book explains the relationship of slavery to Southern pride (pride not being a sin in this case) by “attempting to correct the gross slanders of that culture”. The book goes on to tell how slavery “was a relationship based upon mutual affection and confidence.” Then there are the parts about how slavery is related it Roe v. Wade. If you have doubts, you can look inside the book (thanks Amazon).

The School, which says that it’s philosophy is based on another book by Wilson, first defended the book, but has now pulled the text and apologized, sort of, “We apologize for this oversight and covet your prayers for our school.” Further the pamphlet while still listed at Wilson’s Canon Press website and on Amazon has vanished from print — because of either “faulty footnotes and citation errors” according to the School or “Southern Slavery will be out of print for several months” according to Canon Press.
Obviously the School and even Wilson are embarassed by the 1996 book, but not enough
Kos reports:

Wilson’s Association of Classical and Christian Schools accredited Cary Christian, and he is scheduled to speak at the school’s graduation in May.

and what about Steven Wilkins? He’s a National Director of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate organization classed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Read what he had to say about 911.
But to see the long history and direction of Wilson and of Wilkins, read the SPLC report called “Taliban on the Palouse? A religious empire based in Idaho is part of the far-right theological movement fueling neo-Confederate groups”.


  1. Since you’ve brought up the second part of the story, i’ll tell you that I believe that the ACCS, which does accredit the school, only dictates which classes must be taken, not necessarily what books are used. The school always believes in showing both sides of an issue. In this case, the other side was represented by “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, and some of President Lincoln’s speeches against slavery.

    This school, which I am a student of, is totally against slavery and cessation. This is not disputed.

    I give a complete rebuttal to the pamphlet issue at my blog.

  2. I don’t doubt your attempt to be a good Christian. But I do doubt the philosophy of the school as described by Wilson. A look at Doug Wilson at his own site or as more clearly interpreted by the Southern Poverty Law Center shows that he and is co-author may have washed and starched their sheets and have them hidden in the closet, but they are ready to don their Klan hoods again at a moment’s notice.

    If the pamphlet were an incidental text by someone unrelated to the school, it would still be disgusting, but this is by the man who accredits the school, designed the philosophical basis of the school and who will be the speaker in the spring. Those facts shed so much light that the scoundrel cannot hide.

  3. Wow. And I mean wow! How ignorant are people? Who is really willing (besides the Bush admin.) to lie to thmselves like this? Why would you even want to believe black people at any point in time wanted to be slaves? To even suggest they were somehow OK with it…wow. I am saddened every day watcing the news. So many will stand up and defend a lie. With pride, zelously defend a lie. They will hold the lie up for all to see and refute any rebuttles to the lie. I am not a Christian, or a follower of any religion for that matter. I accept everything as a possibility. I look at everything with an open mind and break it down logically. There is no way any slave ever was greatful for being a slave, no matter what their origin or skin color. I do have to question why God himself is OK with the practice, according to leviticus. He lays out the rules for selling one’s self or daughter or anyone else they own as property. Why is Capitalism so embedded in the bible? Why do people like this Wilson fellow not get pummled with lightning bolts from an all powerful God every day? How did I get to this web site?

  4. I am saddened at the reading of this report. I am not saddened to find that there are ignorant, not a pejorative term but a descriptive one, racists left in this country. Having grown up in the South I have never been unaware of their presence. I am saddened almost to tears at the thought of the children who are filled with misinformation and blatant deception in their formative years. They will dissiminate these these same lies through their future
    progeny and it will multiply across our land. As a step-father, I can testify to the difficulties of overcoming the misguiding influence of even the worst of parents.

    Honest men of conscience must not count on the “common sense” of their fellow Americans. We must be ever-vigilant and eager to root out deception at every opportunity.

    B.C. Chattanooga, TN

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