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The Present of Human Computer Interfaces

Christian Carlberg at the 2.5-D Table

Not the Future, but Now. You’ve seen some of touch screens in the recent iPhone announcement.

Here’s Jeff Han of NYU at the TED Conference showing a big broad touch screen with gestures in action.

And the Northrop Grumman/Applied Minds TouchTable (several video demos here)

Xeni has a write up of a visit to Applied Minds in Wired that talks about the 2.5 D Terraintable here.

2005 Newsweek story on Danny Hillis and Applied Minds here (from whence the picture at left comes).

I saw a demo of the TerrainTable in 2005 and was very very impressed.


  1. I’ve always found that Jeff Han talk to be one of the more arrogant presentations. In it he mentions the $100 laptop project and says that he “cringes” at the idea that they are making it with the mouse and keyboard interface. Here he is showing off a piece of technology that has lots of flash and cool but, while of unknown price, could not possibly be fit into a computer that aims to be affordable for *everyone*. I’m just not sure how using two hands on a giant monitor is really going to help poor kids in developing countries. Until he explains that, perhaps he should keep his cringing to himself.

  2. Paul

    2/2/2007 at 11:54 am

    the flat touchtable is over $60K as i recall. i donno what that includes — maps? software? etc. it’s not a personal application/product.

    iphone is a small personal affordable(?) version of the same interface.

    Han should join up with Cringely ;->

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