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Theremin-less Night

Okay so I over committed last night.

I did make it to the W3C talk put on the the local folks interested in XML, RDF, OWL and the Semantic Web at Duke in the noisy Nasher Museum. I did learn quite a bit about international and local activities in the W3C/Semanitc Web and meet a lot of folks involved — thanks Jane Greenberg and John Madden.

I did get to the DigCCurr2007 conference, an international symposium on Digital Curation, to talk with some old and new friends from Virginia, MIT, Duke, UCSD and Edinburgh amongst others and to swap a lot of stories about digitization and about people we know working in digital humanities and digital libraries.

But I finally gave out and headed home rather than drive back to Duke again. My age is showing — and I had some pretty important commitments scheduled for the next day (today, Friday). So no theremin music for me. Steve, I’ll have to catch you another night. Do let me know next time you’re playing out.

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  1. Que sera, sera. I’d wanted to attend CarolinaCon this weekend, and I might well have shown up at part of the DigCCurr2007 conference, if they hadn’t been on the same weekend. The show went great, the entire HASTAC conference was excellent. HASTAC’s annual conference rotates between three cities, so it’s the west coast next year, then X (I don’t remember), then back at Duke in 2010.

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