Hamilton TigerCats
Most Slashdotters miss the humour (note Canadian spelling) of Bob Young’s offer to give Apple a free license for the use of the term “Tiger.” Bob owns Canadian Football’s Hamilton TigerCats who have been the Tigers continually since 1869.
TigerDirect is suing Apple claiming that Apple’s use of Tiger infringes on TD’s trademark specifically by knocking TD down the results pages when one searched Google for the word “Tiger.”
Bob Young, Red Hat Linux founder and current Lulu CEO, says:

This lawsuit is a load of codswallop. Nobody and no company should have the exclusive use of the word ‘tiger.’
136 years ago we were called The Tigers. If anyone owns the exclusive rights to the word “tiger” with that much history and tradition, it’s gotta be us.

In a recent check (2 seconds ago), the first result for a Google search for “Tiger” was dedicated to the 5 subspecies of Tigers and the second was TigerDirect.

Anyone who can use the word “codswollop” in a complete sentence is someone I admire.