Gary Marchionini tests our/your/their joint command of personal pronouns as he shoots the video rapids in HisTube tomorrow

Tuesday, November 13 at 11 a.m. in the Pleasants Family Room, Wilson Library:

YouTube, WeTube, TheyTube: How the new video revolution changes everything
Led by Dr. Gary Marchionini
Panel members: Paul Jones, Cal Lee, Terrell Russell, Chirag Shah, plus (maybe) surprise guests

The YouTube phenomenon has changed the way people create, display, and watch video on the Web. Video is now being integrated into the Web experience on a more fundamental level than ever before, cropping up everywhere from Facebook walls to blogs to podcasts. Now that the two have been enmeshed, what challenges and opportunities do this new hybrid medium present? And with all that non-text information out there, how do we adjust our notions of metadata, indexing, and searching so that we can actually find what we need?