I would have live-blogged the Consortium for School Networking’s Symposium, but the World Bank where the symposium was held had all wireless blocked and no cell access available either. I have notes on today’s talks that I’ll post later.
I spent more time on the runway than in the air today. DC is only a little over 1 hour in the air from RDU, but then the nice regional jets that give us more flight time options start piling up waiting for gates, the poor travelers, like me, end up chasing the gate changes and then sitting on the plane waiting for clearance and on landing waiting for a gate again. Result: over half a day killed for what should have been maybe 2 hours of travel time.
Michael Berube was in town and at the Chapel Hill Bloggers Meet Up at 3 Cups. Sally and Tucker got to visit with him. I managed to get there about the time things were breaking up (see above).