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Two Hidden Treasures of East Lansing

Not all in East Lansing is Odyssey of the Mind or even Michigan State University.

Thanks to former local David Harrison, we turned up at the International Travelers Club and Tuba Museum where we turned up some rich local micro-brews last night.

Today walking down the street after the cold rain, we found a wonderful almost indescribable used bookshop, The Curious Book Shop, has the best collection of vintage pulp I’ve seen including tons of great old edition Sci-fi and such wonders as the “Two Loves of Nurse Ellen” and “Diary of a Hell Cat.” You could not make this titles up, much less write 150 pages to match the titles — then the lovely covers. They are of a certain age and so are ageless.

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  1. Old Scifi is the bomb! I grew up watching that stuff all the time.

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