Except for careful observervation of games that give us Bojangles specials, I usually don’t do sports reporting. I leave that to the pros at ACC Hoops or to the enthusiastic Irondog. So last night here I was in San Francisco looking for a sports bar so I could watch the Tar Heels dispatch Michigan State. I am not a guy with sports-bar-radar, so I had to ask Cheryl to look for one on her way to Union Square.
As someone who thinks about sports bars might expect, we found one in the Marriott. It was like Cheers, but with uglier people. But then a life is a lot like Cheers, but with uglier people. Part of the ugliness of these people was that many of them were in dark green and were cheering at the wrong times.
The crowd changed at the second half though. The greens got much quieter. And the room looked much prettier even for a sports bar where prettiness is not anything like the object.
Nothing like a 87 -71 final four victory to brighten up the night.
I’m off today for medal gettin and medal wearin. Luckily the final game against Illinois isn’t til Monday night at 9:20. My plane puts me back in RDU at 8:30.