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Unedited, Unreviewed Notes from Consortium for School Networking Symposium

Open content and open access in Africa etc
Including the flora and fauna of Peru

Egbe osifo-dawodu

Jordan hill railway station = 1 milth wikipedia entry
Within one hour that entry was edited 100 times

Jimbo to talk on how open tech facilitates k-12 education

Kids do remixes everyday

Free dulture and the future of education

(jimbo straight from London)

van doren quote on britanica

aliu mamadu jallo

guaka wikipedian in mali (?)

wikimedia foundation

partners (?)

wikistats 1 mil in English

wikipedia = nyt + latimes + wsj

wikibooks – free books written

12k modules (or chapters)

also wikijunior






what do you mean by “free” free as in speech rather than free as in beer. Nods to gnu etc

stallman’s four freedoms. To copy. To modify. To redistribute it. to redistribute modded version
commercial or noncommercial

free culture – textbooks deprive us of control of the edu process

collaborate, mod and share

quality – cites wiki v britanica from nature

two views of wikipedia

emergent phenomenon
community of users

jimbo says wikipedians have old fashion values not about quasidarminian process (no ants here)
a dedicated group of a few hundred volunteers

if emergent then trust systems and rep measures like ebay
users are tiny and have no power

reputation is a natural outgrown of himan interactions
users are powerful and must be respected

edit history tell that over 50% of all edits are done by 0.7% of the users (615 at last count)

the most active 1.9% (1746) have done 72.8% of all edits

real time peer review – watch list and page history

all the tech existed 6 years before wikipedia. Wikipedia is a social innovation

look at votes for deletion page

google test example of “twisted Issues”

radically open

restaurant example of steakhouse without knives

why not voting to achieve neutrality

angela as an aristocrat within wikipedia
jimbo as the monarch = jimbo is the queen of England (always gets a laugh)

nazi math problem – jimbo would ban folks if inappropriate

wikipedians are very flexible

respondent – Katherine moyle from .au canberra edu

FLOSS conferences claimed to be for geeks and by geeks. She says that this is the first for and by edu

Open software open access open content and open standards

Indiana will deploy widely

FLOSS says edu requires at least two options be explored

Collaborative environment with FLOSS

A bit on GPL (copyleft = right to copy in place) knowledge is not property but common
Social construction of technologies

Hacking is good like chipping onions vs cracking

Mix of FLOSS talk and cultural studies. Artifacts, project, process,

Questions: will be on a website

Tampa bay like jimbo. What is the diff between managed learning and personal learning environments?

How to engage with publishers etc? German speaker’s 50% for population higher. But the trad ency is selling more! Hybridized b-model. Services etc.

Sarasota person – considered expanding into lesson plans using wiki say. But how successful is learnNC? Jimbo says moodle and other examples and H2O (jimbo is a berkman fellow this year)

Challenge something said about teachers. Teachers are not prisoners of the textbooks. How to break the culture of textbooks?

Hargroves about moving from the 19th century to 21st century. Fom factory/prison model to an active learning model. Says moyle

Asking about we and us. And wikibooks as we creating for them. We’re the bbc and the community is out there. Wikibooks is they because jimbo isn’t involved. Wikipedians write for themselves.

Azimov’s foundation the encyclopedians?

Helen king shuttleworth foundation
Funds tuxlab ubantu and edubantu and freetoaster

Power to innovate and to deliver

Barbara tartano of ny public library
About open access

buttolph collection of menus
what a name

phoenix wang of Hewlett foundation
educomments and conexxions (fom rice) and sakai
open courseware in 55 universities worldwide
google announcement next week

Hewlett wish list
Innovation and adoption(how to be google like to remove burden of learning from the user). So design the tech to fit

Siloing of content. How to get collections to interact? (metdata) (one stop shopping like google and amazon) federated search

Global knowledge sharing (multi-lingual,translation, localization). Could content be on a wiki for translation? Or better (I think) CVS.

Pushing creative commons licenses (at wgbh, etc)

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  1. I was just looking on Technorati for my alias, and found this page. Interesting. Well, I was a Wikipedian in Mali, volunteering for Geekcorps, but only until 2005. I managed to incite people to write in Bambara and Peul. Aliu Mamadu Jallo was the write of the first article of the Peul Wikipedia. After I left Mali not a lot happened. Unfortunately. But well, maybe I can go back some day.

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