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Doc writes that he is amazed to see Tony Pierce win over Instapundit in a GoogleFight. But Tony and Instapundit have nothing on Paul Jones. We collectively chalk up from 10 million to over 12.2 million GoogleFight points depending on when you search (in fact our score could be higher). As a big winner, I’m not whining, but a difference of 20% is great.

I just got that difference in two searches back to back. Paul Jones v. ibiblio yields 10 million v. 1.5 million. Paul Jones v. George Bush yields 12.2 million v. 17 million.
Note that ibiblio bests Doc Searls and Instapundit but not Tony Pierce. Interestingly enough, ibiblio scores 1,570,000 when fighting Tony Pierce and 1,640,000 when against Instapundit.

One further note: A regular Google search for Paul Jones yields about 15,200,000 entries (March 31 at 8 am EST) and a search for ibiblio yields about 1,700,000.

No consistancy here.

UPDATE: Tony Pierce admits defeat to Paul Jones in GoogleFights even as he praises Motley Crue (which explains something about why he loses GoogleFights; Paul Joneses are all better musicians!).


  1. whoah, I was totally misreading this post
    I read it as Paula Jones
    and I am like why the f- are you googlefighting w/ Paula Jones
    and how can she be more popular than some of those search strings
    sigh. . .

  2. Since you asked.
    Paula Jones v. Pamela Jones yields 2,260,000 v. 1,810,000
    Paula Jones v. Paul Jones yields 2,260,000 v. 13,200,000
    Paul Jones gets stronger at each fight!

  3. yeah but what bout Paula Jones vs Jane Pauley?

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