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We 101

G’boro 101 creator Roch Smith announces We 101:

I wanted to let you know about a new site I just launched: . It allows people to find and read blogs by location. I hope you will take a look and add your blog.

I did add myself and my blog. And you can too. The Chapel Hill feed aggregation is here.

We 101


  1. nice. i added myself, too, but it hasn’t appeared yet.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for adding your blog!

    — Roch

  3. Added myself, worked fine. The confirm email did get caught by my spam filters, but I found it and retrieved it.

  4. Paul

    7/6/2007 at 9:36 am

    Looks like David is now on representing SFO. Steve now on representing Raleigh.

  5. yep, it works.

    hey, paul, i’m not sure what your involvement is in this project but in the event that the site developers visit your blog …

    two suggestions:

    1. it would be cool if you could search by state. currently, users select a state and then face a pulldown menu of cities. but what about an option like “see all in this state”? for example, instead of having to browse through the (currently) six NC cities, it would be cool if i could see all NC listings.

    2. getting back to the page that lists all current cities is very unintuitive. there should be a clear link that allows users to find all participating cities.

    hope this helps. cool tool.

  6. “yep, it works.”

    To a beginner programmer, that’s a greater compliment than you may realize. Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback, David. Your suggestions are good and I’ll implement solutions for both.

    Paul emailed me Steve’s desire to have RTP as a place. The whole idea of how to identify a place was a challenge. Cary? RTP? The Triangle? The same problem where I live: Greensboro? Guilford County Metro? The Piedmont Triad? Whith what place do people identify? What place name is meaningful to outsiders? (The Peidmont Triad has some meaning to people in Greensboro, but none to people from out of state.)

    I’ve started with cities. The available neighborhood tags may eventually offer some additional identification of place, but for larger groupings, I think I will have to “manually” create places like RTP, where the selection would present blogs from pre-identified cities. That may be well down the road.

    Thanks again for the suggestions.

    — Roch

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