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Webcasting-mania Continues!

Three of the participants from the WXYC Webcasting Panel will be on WUNC’s State of Things tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon-ish. We’ll plenty to say about the old days when we invented Internet radio and more to say about new developments such as podcasting, Internet2 streaming, and p2p radio as well as about legal hurtles created by the monopolists. I’m sure we’ll also mention bands that allow their live concerts to be taped and shared, McGuinn and others who use the Internet for distribution, and Koleman Strumpf’s study that showed no effect on sales caused by file trading.
Tune in and call in. We will be bigger than Janet Jackson and there are three of us! The three being Michael Shoffner, David McConville and me.

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  1. I caught the show. Ya’ll sounded great! Thanks for dropping the history and facts on the masses! [ I called in but didn’t get put on the air. ­čÖü ]Every one involved in multimedia on the Internet owes ya’ll a big debt of gratitude for leading the way. Cheers!

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