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Why are Tea Birds and UNC Coeds more likely to be Blonde than the rest of the population?

I’ve wondered for a long time why UNC coeds seem to be blonder as an average of the population as opposed to the perceived (by me) general North Carolina population. Now looking over Tea Birds, I notice that blondes dominate the pictures. Why?

By the way is it “blond” or “blonde”? Here’s what Wikipedia says, but do you agree?

And where are the Red-Heads!


  1. Gentlemen prefer blondes.

  2. But that’s no gentleman, that’s my husband.

  3. Paul

    2/26/2007 at 5:47 pm

    I always wondered if the ungenderbent version of that joke was funny. Now I’m wondering if the bent version is funny…

    I admit to a softspot for red heads. I wonder if my wife will dye her hair red…

  4. so, paul, who is the little ginger co-ed youre wanting your wifey to emulate? naturalistic, or black with those streaks of crimson?

    and dont forget the henna tattos for her fingers:

    G33k L1f3

    or even better:

    L0V3 T3CH

    yes, the left hand of technology is rising up, trying to stamp out human emotion! but L0V3 on the right makes a comeback, human feeling is destroying reliance on technology, the iPods are burning in h311, the servers are boiling in a lake of molten UTP, the plastic and copper sizzling like bacon, the silicon crystalizing, and L0V3 rulez the land!

    (pollogies to bob mitchum)

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