McSweeney's 13
Sally Greene writes that the Chris Ware assembled McSweeney’s 13 was just named the Best of the Year’s Comix by Time magazine. The cover, Sally gave me a signed flat frameable version for Christmas since I love the book so much, was already a prize winner at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Ware has been racking up the awards as a writer and as an illustrator having been part of the Whitney Biennial 2002 (thanks to Miles for the Ware History of Art poster from that show) and the winner of the Guardian First Book Award in 2001 for Jimmy Corrigan, Smartest Kid on Earth.
from City of Glass
In a related note, I picked up the graphic novel version of Paul Auster‘s City of Glass (as turned into a graphic novel by Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli) today at lunch. The book came out in 1994 or 5 and I’d been meaning to find a copy. To my amazement, there it was in a mall Barnes and Noble’s shop. One copy.

Auster is a very complex character and a great translator. He’s struck me as American and European at the same time. A writer very much of a broad world and of very very modern sensabilities. Art Speiglman’s introduction to the graphic novel quickly convinced me that the book in my hand would be a good introduction albeit slantways into the world Auster.

Folks in the UK will have to wait til next month to get a copy when it’s released by Faber there.