I would have stayed at the Marriott Courtyard instead of the Hyatt if the MC weren’t completely booked. First it’s cheaper and second the MC wireless is free while the Hyatt’s is T-Mobile for $10/day. Not that I’m all that cheap despite being Scotts, Welsh, and German — all tightwad strains –but that it galls me that a upscale hotel doesn’t see wireless as something like water (oops they charge for that too!).
But here I am in the lobby of the Hyatt waiting for check-in or the conference bus whichever comes first and I see two wireless nets. Thanks Marriott, you have a warm place in my heart. I’ll miss not having the Book of Mormon by my bed here in the Hyatt but I’ll be thinking of you.
Also just ran into Jimbo Wales and Don Baer of a UNC alum who’s with Discovery Communications (as in Channel).
The expensive crab gravy over grits (cooked in polenta style cakes) with egg over light, steamed tomato and asparagus was a good way to make up for having gotten up at 4:30 so as to get here.