One will be me. I’m not exactly repeating the talk I recently did at Duke; I’m asking folks who come to this upcoming talk to add, subtract, modify the wiki pages of that talk and/or to send me email (jonesATuncDOTedu) and/or post a comment on this blog entry as a way of participating in the talk before it even begins. So have at it! And do come to the talks. All three look good.

Thurs February 8, 3:30 pm @ Hanes Art 118:
“The Intellectual Commons”
Don Nonini, Professor of Anthropology, UNC-Chapel Hill

Thurs March 8, 3:30 pm @ Hanes Art 118
Paul Jones, founder of and director of,
“Participatory Digital Libraries – Past and Futures; the ibiblio trends”

Fri March 30, 3:30 pm @ Saunders 220
Matthew Farish, Department of Geography and Program in Planning,
University of Toronto, “From Recognition to Regulation: Climate Laboratories and the Nature of War”*
*co-sponsored with UNC Geography