Important things first, the Bandwidth CD (23 songs and 1 historic commentary on webcasting from DRS-3 in Switzerland) is available for bittorrent downloading at Thanks to John Reunning and Tim Ross.
The whole panel was broadcast and webcast on WXYC thanks to Fred Stutzman and the very special and very necessary help from Brian Russell. Brian’s mikes and DAT recorder stepped in when the Carolina Union didn’t show with the equipment that Fred needed and had asked for. If you heard the panel on air or on web, it’s Brian and Fred who made it real.

Bret Dougherty did a topnotch job of keeping us all talking and mostly on topic. John Streck of NCSU’s CENTAUR Lab did his best to keep me honest about how IPv6 works and what it has to offer. He was a good sport and a great resource speaking on the tech side of networking and more. David and Michael reminded me what fun it was to work with them. Both are passionate, wise and often intentionally funny. The audience was great too with good questions. PJ Disclafani of WXYC pulled the whole celebration together well. Nice to see friendly faces including Ruby Sinreich of Orange, animated animator Eric Knisley of HellCar and Mickey Death fame plus nice people in David’s entourage too numerous and too nice to name here.

UPDATE: Fred and Max did a great job of digitizing the panel from Brian’s tapes and have it online!