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You have been poked: Brett in First Monday

Brett Bumgarner’s UNC Honors Thesis on the uses and gratifications of Facebook is now published on/at/by First Monday (Volume 12 Number 11 – 5 November 2007). This is a groundbreaking study with a very high N:

You have been poked: Exploring the uses and gratifications of Facebook among emerging adults
by Brett A. Bumgarner


The social networking site Facebook has become an inescapable phenomenon for college students, but little systematic research has studied why these students use Facebook. I conducted an online survey among Facebook users at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (N = 1,049) to examine why they use Facebook and how it fulfills their needs. The most prevalent use of Facebook was as a social activity – students reported using Facebook with friends to view and discuss other people’s profiles. Essentially, Facebook appears to operate primarily as a tool for the facilitation of gossip.

Note: Fred and I were Brett’s advisors. Jane Brown was the lead advisor and a great one.

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  1. Nice study. I wonder how the results would differ if the same methodology was used on the above-30 crowd on FB, i.e., what is the main difference between college users and older users of Facebook.

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