Re: Campus Web policies are official (fwd)

> In guidelines for personal pages, the "no commercial use" part was 
> changed to the following:
>  Because the University is funded by public funds, we have a particular
>  responsibility to avoid any question about University affiliation
>  with, sponsorship of, or endorsement of non-University organizations.
>  Therefore, web pages may not be constructed in such a manner as to
>  establish an on-campus presence of a non-University organization. 

Yes, this change is what I brought up in class.  I'm not sure what
"establish an on-campus presence of a non-University organization"
means...Does that prohibit hosting a web page for a non-profit
organization?  Does the pages existance establish a presence, or is
something more required? 

What about hosting a web space for a non-university organization that is
realted to the mission of the department?  We, for example, host a
presence for NASIG (a serials organization) and for a couple of other
library organizations.  We are also host the official site for the N.C. 
Zoo (or eco park, or whatever they are calling it).  According to the
policy, we boot these groups off our servers, now?