Rating web pages

I am new to this class, as of last week, so please excuse this notice if it is redundant.

I usually try to keep up with e-zine, Web Review (http://www.webreview.com).  It is edited by Dale Dougherty (formerly of GNN) and affiliated with O'Reilly, publishers of many books on the Net & related technologies).  This week they had a number of articles, which would seem to be of interest to the class. 

 Of particular interest to the current discussion is an article on a proposed Web censorship (rating) system at http://www.webreview.com/97/01/17/webtech/index.html 

They also have three other seemingly relevant articles in this issue.  One is a tutorial on type given via Real Audio.  It comes across horribly on my home system with a 28.8 connection, but is an intriguing concept. 

 Another article is an overview of the current state of Web TV:  "How to Design for Web TV and Whether you Should Bother."  It came as news to me that Web TV does not presently support: frames, Java, Java Script, Active X, and Shockware.  They have quotes such as, "the very notion of frames is consistently rejected by the average user."  I guess this means that there are a lot of sites that Web TV can't view..??..

The last article of interest relates to marketing and commerce on the Internet.  It's entitled, "What's it worth to you?  Is there any good way to Measure the Value of a Web Site?"

Anyone else have any resources like Web Review that they'd want to share?