topics/apps assignments

	here is the tentative assignment of topiics 
	 (2 class days)  and applications (1 day).

	talk to me in email if you have strong preferences 
	 about particular topics.

	   1) Health of Internet--Sai, Matt, Chris B.
	   2) I-Commerce --Jennifer, John M., Karl
	   3) anonymity-- Erika, Nathan, Lynette
	   4) censorship-- Joey, Kim R.
	   5) information quality--Maggie, Margaret, Serena
	   6) distance education(replaces slander)--mark k., gary, dj
	Applications (1 day will be added for Web Databases)
	   1) Steaming Audio--Erika, Gary, Kim R.
	   2) StreamingVideo-- Mark K., Matt D., Chris B.
	   3) I-Phones/Vid-Phones---DJ, Nathan, Serena
	   4) Castanent/Pushing Technology---Sai, Maggie, Karl
	   5) Collaborative Tools---Margaret, Joey, John
	   6) Web Database--- Lynette, Jennifer

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