310 email list

	i have set up, for now, a Discussion Board link off the 310 page
	 as "Discussion Forum" under the Contents near the top.
	i threw some postings from our email list on the Board... 

	i find the Discussino Board very valuable since it 
	 (1) archives and threads the disuccussions and 
	 (2) displays any URLs in the text as hot links so 	
 			that you can jump right to them when 	
	   you are reading

	unfortunately, posting to the D. Board is less convenient 
		than mail and notifications of postings can be 
	        annoying (i have *NOT* turned that feature on for now)

	so, what do you prefer:
		(1) only email list
		(2) D. Board and email list
		(3) D. Board only?

	also, should the D. Board have a password protection, or 
	 is everyone comfortable with wide-open access?

	anybody have a better solution that they are willing to 
				----bert dempsey	

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